Stramuś Club - playroom for children

Stramuś Kindergarten

Your child cannot ski, and you want to fully devote yourself to white madness on a ski slope?

Are you going to learn at ski school?

Do you want to spend your free time with your friends in the Nosal Inn, during which your child will get bored?

Are you planning a shopping spree at Krupówki Street?

Do you want to provide your child with nice entertainment among other peers?

The Stramuś Bear Club is a place where you will leave your child in good hands. It is located on the building’s premises – in the main car park nearby the ski equipment and wear hire. The Club is open from 10 am to 5 pm – from Monday to Saturday and from 10 am to 2 pm on Sunday

We invite children for two-hour stays. The cost of one hour is 20 zl. Each child is given a blue wristband entitling to stay at the Club. Children who take part in winter holiday courses organised by the School Strama are given a red wristband entitling to have a free one-hour entry.

There are plenty of attractions for children at the Stramuś Bear Club. Each hour of stay is filled with interesting activities, so there is no time for boredom and longing for parents. It is always cheerfully and loudly at the Club. There is a joyful atmosphere and the time spent at the Club passes on fun and learning. Children sing songs, take part in art workshops, listen to interesting legends, and take part in physical activities. A real attraction is the projection of animated film in 3D. All these activities take place in separate corners dedicated especially to: education, music, physical activities, and art

By choosing the Stramuś Bear Club you are assured of professional care. The safety and good fun are provided by well-qualified and experienced staff. Thanks to the fact that participation in the Club is held in small groups (there can be fourteen children at one time), each child is treated individually.

Both play room and toilet have been adapted to the needs of even the youngest children. The proper height of tables and chairs allows them to stay in comfortable positions while drawing or doing artworks.

Stramuś Bear is children’s favourite, and therefore it is always cheerfully at the Club. Children are willing to come back here, giving their parents a little breathing space.

Stramuś Bear Club - playroom for children

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