Regulations of the NOSAL Ski Training Center

By entering the Nosal Ski Training Centre ('Centre') you accept these regulations. Purchasing the card you accept the regulations regarding card use and the facilities use.

1. The Centre’s premises and facilities may only be used during the ski-lift opening hours. The ski lifts are open every day. The opening hours are updated daily on and on the notice board

Ski lift users spending time in the Centre premises should take appropriate precautions and behave in a way which does not pose hazard to health, life and safety of other users. While using ski lifts please obey the regulations, the detailed rules of facilities use, the signs and follow instructions of the staff.

Pets can enter into the Centre on condition that they are supervised at all times, kept on a short lead and wearing a muzzle. It is strictly forbidden to bring animals to the ski run, the Winter Garden and other facilities of the Centre.

People spending time in the Centre premises are responsible not only for their own behaviour, but also for the functioning of the sport facilities used by them.

2. The facilities and the ski runs may only be used during the opening hours on the basis of the electronic card/ticket purchased at the ticket office. It is strictly forbidden to enter the ski runs outside the opening hours. The Card Use Regulations provide the rules of Card Use. The Centre’s regulations of facilities use define the rules of use of ski lifts, chairlift and Winter Garden.

It is strictly forbidden to be in the ski lift area, on the ski runs and in Winter Garden if drunk, intoxicated with substances. It is also prohibited to bring pets, objects posing hazards to safety of skiers, leave and drop litter.

Entry to the ski runs is possible only at designated places. It is strictly forbidden to enter the ski runs at other places. It is also forbidden to walk, sledge or move using other objects than skis or snowboard on the ski run.

Use restrictions: Ski lift number 1 is designed only for skiers. The chairlift can only be used by children above 125 cm in height. The Winter Garden can be used by children aged 1 to ten years old.

It is necessary to obey the Card Use Regulations. In case a user does not cancel the card or attempts to skip the entrance gate, the staff may keep the card and the right to claim the deposit and the money for unused credit points.

While using the ski lifts please obey the safe use regulations, the instructions given, the signs and suggestions of the staff. We kindly ask you to inform the staff if you are a beginner and require further instructions. Getting on the ski lift may only take place at designated places. It is strictly forbidden to get on and get off at other places.

Skiers and snowboarders under the age of 16 are required to wear protective helmets

Skiers are obliged to ski downhill only on the designated ski runs. It is strictly forbidden to ski outside these places. The ski runs are restricted by nets, ropes or natural boundaries. Ski runs users should be aware of and avoid obstructions such as: hydrants, snow canons, lamp posts and other artificial obstacles. All ski runs are one-way designed only for downhill skiing/snowboarding. While skiing/snowboarding please be cautious taking into consideration your own skills and those of other users as well as weather and snow conditions. It is strictly forbidden to use ski runs in a way which is dangerous to yourself and other users. It is necessary to ski with a speed appropriate to your own skills, the conditions on the ski run, weather conditions and traffic. While skiing choose a path guaranteeing avoidance of colliding with other skiers, to overtake only in a distance ensuring sufficient space for all necessary manoeuvres. Please enter the ski run or move after stopping only after checking if doing so does not cause hazard to yourself and other. Please avoid unnecessary stopping on the ski run especially in narrowed places and those of limited visibility. In case of falling down please leave the slope as quickly as possible. If you do need to ascend or descend the slope please do so outside the ski run.

In case of accident every person being near the place should secure it and offer help to the victim. TOPR (the Tatra Rescue Service) provides rescue services in the Nosal Ski Centre. If you notice an accident please inform the rescuer on duty or the staff. The alarm telephone numbers are + 48 601 100 300 - for TOPR, 112 if an emergency telephone number. Any user of the ski run or the ski lift is obliged to give way to the rescuers carrying out rescue operations. Each participant in an accident: the perpetrator, the victim or a witness is obliged to give their personal details to the rescue team.

It is strictly forbidden to drive any motor vehicle on the ski run, with the exception of vehicles driven by rescue team members, the police, nature protection services- equipped with blue lighting signals and sounds signals as well as ski run maintenance service using yellow light and sounds signals. Any person on the slope is obliged to give way to such vehicles.

Before using a difficult ski run, please make sure to make appropriate physical fitness preparations. Inexperienced skiers should consider well their decision to use such a slope. The chairlift run is situated in the Tatra National Park thus all regulations of the Park apply.

3. Any business or non-business activity or ski training, advertising, distribution of leaflets in all the premises of the Centre requires the administrator's consent.

Ski training can be only given by Strama Ski School.

4. Any violation of the above-mentionned rules can result in removal of a person outside the Centre, depravation of the ski pass and the right to claim the refund of the deposit and money for unused credit points.

Any person running business activity without permission shall be subject to claim for compensation.

5. The Centre is not liable for any consequences of violation of the above rules.

6. If you have any complaints please contact us in writing at: 34-500 Zakopane Balzera 30, at e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone on +48 18 206 27 00.

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