The Nosal Ski Training Centre (main car park) Balzera St 30, Zakopane

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The ski and snowboard rental shop in the Nosal Ski Training Centre invites you to take advantage of its offer. We have a wide selection of professional ski and snowboard clothing for men and women. There are not only jackets, but also ski trousers, fleece sweatshirts, caps and mittens in our offer. The clothing comes from reputable manufacturers and provides an excellent thermal protection and convenience. Our offer includes standard clothes and high-tech clothing that will meet the expectations of demanding skiers and snowboarders. All clothes ensure freedom of movement enabling you to fully devote yourself to white madness. The clothing is available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL. The offer includes goggles as well.

Having taken into account the comfort of hired clothes and accessories, we guarantee their highest hygiene and cleanliness. That is why, the hired clothing is laundered every day – no matter how many hours it was worn. Clothes can be hired for hours and days – depending of customer’s individual needs. In this respect, our offer is very flexible in order to fit our guests’ needs as much as possible.

Hire clothing requires minimum of formalities – you only need to submit your ID card and sign an agreement obliging to pay costs in the event of damage or loss of hired things.

We offer attractive prices.



 1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6th day
jacket or trousers 45,00 zł 85,00 zł 115,00 zł 145,00 zł 175,00 zł gratis
jacket + trousers 90,00 zł 160,00 zł 210,00 zł 280,00 zł 350,00 zł gratis
jacket or trousers (children) 40,00 zł 70,00 zł 95,00 zł 120,00 zł 150,00 zł gratis
jacket + trousers (children) 80,00 zł 150,00 zł 180,00 zł 240,00 zł 275,00 zł gratis
fleece 20,00 zł 40,00 zł 50,00 zł 60,00 zł 60,00 zł gratis
hat (one time fee) 15,00 zł 15,00 zł 15,00 zł 15,00 zł 15,00 zł gratis
gloves 15,00 zł 30,00 zł 45,00 zł 50,00 zł 55,00 zł gratis
goggles 10,00 zł 20,00 zł 30,00 zł 40,00 zł 45,00 zł gratis


Terms and Conditions of Hiring Ski Clothing and Accessories

Valid since 2012-12-01

  1. The Borrower announces that is familiar with the regulations, accepts all their provisions, and agrees to respect them.
  2. The Customer using the hire is obliged to show an identity document to Hire’s Employee and to provide other information necessary to fulfill the Hire Agreement along with putting a personal signature on it.
  3. The Hire charges the Borrower for hiring the clothes at an agreed amount of money. The money is paid in advance for the whole period of hiring specified at the moment of signing the Hire Agreement. The minimum charge for hiring clothing and accessories is equal to the price of hiring them for a single day.
  4. The Borrower is obliged to return ski clothing or accessories to 5:00 pm on the day specified by the Hire Agreement, or until 10.00 am on the next day with no extra charge.
  5. In the case of failing to return the clothing on time specified by the Hire Agreement, the Borrower shall be obliged to pay an additional charge for each day of delay according to the current price list.
  6. In the case of failing to return the clothing or returning it damaged or not complete, the Borrower shall be obliged to pay a charge covering the equivalent of the damage or of the whole clothing according to the current price list of lost or damaged clothing.
    1. JACKET – 800 zł
    2. TROUSERS - 300 zł
    3. GOGGLES - 100 zł
    4. MITTENS - 100 zł
  7. The Borrower is obliged to return clothing that is unlaundered
  8. Hiring the clothing and signature on the Hire Agreement implies full acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions along with their full consequences.


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