Facility use regulations


1. After passing the entrance gate you should stand in a queue at designated place and wait for a T-bar to arrive. You should keep ski sticks in one hand (the strap cannot be on a wrist).

2. While holding the T-bar, please move slowly along at designated path. It is forbidden to do slalom turns on the ski lift path. It is forbidden to catch unused T-bars or release while being dragged.

3. Please leave the T-bar after the last support in the descending area. During descending you should leave the upper platform in the indicated direction.

4. It is strictly forbidden to stop in the get-off area and it should be left as quickly as possible.

5. If the lift stops you mustn’t leave the ski lift. Please wait until the lift resumes operations or any instructions by the staff.



1. The Winter Garden ("Garden") with all the facilities is intended for children aged 1 to 10 years.

By entering the Winter Garden the childminder declares being the legal guardian of a child and acceptance of the regulations. He/she obliges themselves to obey the regulations on behalf of the minor.

2. The Winter Garden can be used on the basis of the point card. The price in the price list is for one entry to the Garden lasting the minimum of 20 minutes.

Children can spend their time in the Garden independently on condition that the minder agrees to take responsibility for the child. Parent or child minder may enter the Garden if he/she is supervising a very young child requiring assistance.

The staff supervises the children staying in the Garden including observations, interventions on case of behaviors leading to accidents however the child remains under the charge of the minder.

3. The staff may refuse entry to a child posing hazard or require such a child to leave the Garden.

4. The Centre does not take responsability for any belongings left in the Winter Garden.

By leaving the Winter Garden you resign from any unused credit points/time.

5. In case of accidents and incidents causing injury to a child, please immediately notify the staff. Any claims made after use of the Garden shall be deemed as non originating from the Garden use.

The Centre does not take responsability for the safety of children and people not obeying the regulations.

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