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Ski lifts are open every day. Opening hours are changed daily. Please check them on our web page and on the lighted message board

The regulations of the Centre, Card Use Regulations, Facilities Use Regulations provide more details on how to use the facilities in our premises. Please familiarize yourself with these rules prior to use.


Ski lift 1 Tatrapoma P.

An easy, wide ski run, blue, 200m long.

Ski run 2 Tatrapoma P ("Żółwik")

An easy ski run, blue for beginners and for children, 145m long.

Ski lift 3 Tatrapoma P

An easy, wide ski run; blue shared with ski lift number 4, 250m long.

Ski lift 4 Tatrapoma P

An easy, wide ski run; blue shared with ski lift number 3, 240m long

Ski lift 5 Tatrapoma P

An easy ski run; blue, 220m long.


Parametry wyciągów 

  Tatrapoma P 1 Tatrapoma P 2 Tatrapoma P 3 Tatrapoma P 4 Tatrapoma P 5
Traffic side:  left  right  left  right left
Lift lenght: 200 m  137 m  252 m  242 m 220 m
Ski run lenght: 200 m  145 m  250 m  240 m  220 m 
Upper station elevation: 29,2 m  14 m  33 m  32 m  29 m 
Average slope inclination: 14,6 %  9,7 %  13,2 %  12,7 % 13 %
Maximum speed: 2,3 m/s  2,1 m/s  2,1 m/s  2,1 m/s 2,1 m/s
Skking time at maximum speed: 87 s  65 s  120 s  115 s  104 s 

How to use ski lifts

How to use the ski lifts

All ski lifts are available to use on the basis of one card. The cards are valid only one winter season. Each person using the ski lift is obliged to possess her own card. We take a deposit for cards. The deposit is returnable until the end of the current season or till 31 March.

Types of cards

Point cards are available for purchase either for a price or certain number of points. One point is 10 groszy. You can return the point card at any time or top it up with any amount of money. In case of point cards, any unused credits/amounts are refundable until the end of current season or till 31 March.

Time cards can be purchased for the current day for a number of hours as indicated in the price list. This card is valid for the limited time which starts from the moment of the first use, but no longer than until the closing of the slope. In case of time cards, the money for any unused time is not refundable.

Time-slot cards can be purchased for a period as indicated in the price list. This card is valid only for one day during opening hours or within indicated timeframes. In case of these cards, the money for unused time is not refundable.


Refunds are made only on the basis of returned card to the holder. In case card loss we do not issue duplicates and without presenting the card we do not give refunds. It is necessary to protect the card against mechanical or electromagnetic damage. We do not refund the deposit for damaged cards and we do not return money for unused credits of these cards.

All complaints are resolved by the cashier on the basis of presented card. We do not consider complaints in case of using the card contrary to the regulations. Prices are subject to change during the season.

Payment cards and invoices

Please inform the cashier in advance if you wish to make payment by card. In case of such payment, refunds of the deposit will be credited by transfer to the same card only. Without presenting the card no settlement can be made. It is not possible to refund cash.
As there are funds refundable, invoices may only be issued after the service is complete, that is after you finish skiing. To receive an invoice it is necessary to return the receipt and all the cards given.


All ski runs are one-way designed only for downhill skiing. While skiing, please be cautious taking into consideration your own skills and those of other users, as well as the weather and snow conditions. It is strictly forbidden to use the ski runs in a way which is dangerous to yourself and other users. The access to the ski runs is possible only at designated places. It is strictly forbidden to enter the ski runs in other places. It is forbidden to walk, sledge or move using other objects than skis or snowboard.

While using ski lifts, please obey the safe use regulations, the instructions given, the signs and suggestions of the staff. We kindly ask you to objectively rate your own skills before choosing the appropriate ski run and inform the staff if you are a beginner.


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